As pole dancers our shoes get as much of a work out as we do!

Lulu L’Amour™ Sparkle Shoes have a smooth coating we call the Liquid Lux Finish which protects and increases the reflective qualities of the glitter.

The Liquid Lux Finish (patent pending) combined with premium quality glitter from the USA means your Lulu L’Amour™ shoes will sparkle brighter and last longer.

Wear and tear can result in surface marks which can be removed from the Liquid Lux Finish using a microfibre cloth. 

Our shoes have been tested by pole dancers to see how they perform in a variety of situations and to test the durability of the Liquid Lux Finish. Each pair of test shoes underwent 100hrs of pole dance training.

What we found was that general wear and tear is unavoidable and a sign that you are working hard!

The shoes and Liquid Lux Finish are not indestructible, we therefore recommend care be taken as hard impact can cause damage to the Liquid Lux Finish in the form of scratches, cracking and/or chipping. We therefore recommend care be taken in cases where hard impact can occur for example on hard floors, when slamming shoes on the floor or heel clacking.